Chiptune Advent Calendar


8bit'Em All is a collective of passionate people who promote the Chiptune and DIY culture through the organisation of quality events.

After all the gigs, a few releases and several years of festivals, 8bit 'Em All has returned this year with new blood and new ideas to surprise you.

This year, we present you “Merry Blipmas”, the first advent calendar 100% chiptune ! Everyday, come discover an unreleased song of our selection of 24 chiptuners. Each song are available on the website for free and if you are nice, maybe you’ll have the vinyl under your tree…

“Merry Blipmas” is a project to share with your friends. Don't hesitate, take our Chiptune medicine to Blip your Christmas.

If you have any questions or stuff to say please contact us at : contact [at] merryblipmas [dot] com .

Shake your Micro Ass.


First of all, thanks to everyone who agreed to be part of the adventure and who believed in this project. Thanks to the 24 artists, Arcade Bit 1 for the mastering, Rémi for the code, Shakaw for the design and all the Blip My Chip alliance, this Franco-Italian friendship which has lasted over 10 years.

Finally, thanks to 8Bit 'Em All for existing and continuing to endure my whims.

8bit 'Em All is a story of friendship, laughter and arguments.

Great projects and discussions over a (not so) warm glass of wine and a half-extinguished cigarette. 8bit 'Em All is the improbable union of several circles, worlds and especially four strange personalities.

It's 4 crazy people, 3 memorable parties, 29 invited artists, 3000 people in the audience and a vinyl record. All in less than a year.

Starting from the hope to motivate our scene a little, our passions have become 8bit 'Em All.

Today, there are 29 of us who took part in the project and are proud to present it to you.

I would like to dedicate this project to KiK, one of my friends, one of the founders of 8bit 'Em All.

I know he would have loved this project and we would have had heated discussions about every detail. Moreover Gaetan Vigier and Bacalao have dedicated their song to him.

I would also like to thank my two other friends who, despite their travels, took the time to make sure we were going in the right direction.

Hope that you enjoy!